Bears are Hungry, But They Don’t Need Your Help

While you’re out on your summer camping trips, don’t forget to be bear savvy, so you don’t come back to a destroyed camp like this guy did near Ward, Colorado.

Leave no food sitting out except for when you are preparing and eating it and NEVER have any food, drinks (other than water) or fragrances like lotions, bug spray and even flavored antacids in your tents.

If there are no bear boxes nearby and you don’t have a car to lock your food in (and cover ice chests in the car with a blanket, as some bears have learned what coolers contain and will break out windows to get in), then at least hang all food and smelly things from bags in the trees away from the tent.

Once a bear discovers the sloppiness of a lazy or ignorant camper, it’ll know that location is perhaps an ongoing food source (and that tents are worth investigating) and will come back to scavenge again, putting the next camper in possible danger. Needless to say, we chose not to pick any campsites in this area after happening upon this mess.

Please respect your fellow campers and respect the natural rhythms and behaviors of the wildlife and keep an enticement-free campsite.

Happy camping!

Photo copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert.

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