Rain or Shine: The Show Must Go On

Saturday evening I photographed the Arizona Theatre Company’s annual gala.

I drove down to the mostly outdoor event through torrential rains after an entire day of rain, which is an unusual event in Tucson.

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to photographing four hours in rainy conditions – even if they did scramble and set up tents (which they did not).

I walked from my parking spot under the protection of my umbrella, hoping to turn the corner and see that the outdoor venue for the dinner and dancing was under cover of tents. Instead, I turned the corner to no tents, but rather, a sea of plastic covered dinner tables and rental company decor drenched in rain. It was grim, but apropos, given that theatre protocol is “the show must go on.”

By some miracle, the storm ceased a few minutes later and the skies cleared fifteen minutes before guests arrived! Cocktail hour went ahead as planned in the open-air courtyard of the Temple of Music and Art and thankfully, no one slipped in the puddles then or after the indoor program when they all went back outside for dinner under the stars.

Though a bit soggy, it actually turned out to be a lovely evening.


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