Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Turns Forty

CFSA executive director Clint Mabie at the podium

We self-employed photographers are in very vulnerable professions.


Safety first, but this coronavirus is going to impact us in a big way. No “sick days” with pay – just instantly no jobs that can be invoiced, so no payments coming in for an undetermined period of time .


I hope I can still get some head shots and things of that nature to see me through the period of time after all my current receivables have been paid.


Here is a photo from what may be my last big event for awhile, until the pandemic passes.


Executive director Clint Mabie addresses the crowd at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona’s recent 40th anniversary celebration (before they implemented a “no large gatherings” mandate until the coronavirus has run its course). Congratulations to CFSA on 40 years of community support and empowerment.


© Martha Lochert Photography

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