Mask Up!

Masked female mayor being photographed by a masked Tucson photographer

The work has been few and far between during this pandemic – and understandably so. But this week I photographed the mayor of Tucson, as part of a public service announcement that will be coming out shortly, to try and get citizens on board with wearing masks.

Unfortunately, since this whole issue has been politicized, it’ll be a hard sell. We Americans like to argue. We create drama and conflict where it doesn’t need to exist. But this is an invisible enemy; this is a naturally occurring virus. This is not a republican or democratic issue. We must do what we can as a collective group to conquer it.

We need to put down our dukes and be compassionate. It is a simple request; it may be a slight inconvenience, but it does not take away anyone’s Constitutional rights. It does, however, protect those more vulnerable from germs we may not yet know we are spreading.

Please be part of a functioning society and wear a mask in public. Do it for that little 90-year-old woman you pass by. She’s someone’s grandmother and they love her. Her rights are just as important as yours.

One thought on “Mask Up!

  1. Well said, sister. I’m glad to see you working, even if it is for the very reason that you’ve been without work for so long!


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