Like A Glass Bead Necklace

Another spider web photo for my friend Mary Ann taken at the Cactus Forest Trail by the Rincon Mountains in Saguaro National Park, which we accessed from the east end of Broadway. This one looks like a necklace or the lace overlay on a Victorian dress. It’s amazing that such delicate strands can support […]

Design Perfection

I followed my own advise from the previous blog post to get out and photograph the rain drops that were in abundance after our three days of rain. What I had not expected was a foggy morning, but more on that in an upcoming post. As I had mentioned in my previous post, with macro photography and the close proximity […]


When I was a kid there was an episode of Gunsmoke which opened with Marshall Matt Dillon describing how a law-breaker would be squashed like a vinegaroon under the boot of the law! I had no idea what one looked like back then; I just thought it was a funny word. Ever wonder what a vinegaroon looks like? […]