Leading Lines to Strengthen An Otherwise Boring Subject

  As a commercial photographer, my assignments vary from day-to-day. Sometimes my subject matter is stunningly beautiful and other times it is mundane or rather uninteresting. What I have to think about on the days when my job is to photograph the mundane is how I can create the most interesting imagery, given the subject matter? […]

Advanced Oxidation Process

Yesterday Tucson Water dedicated the newly completed Advanced Oxidation Process facility, which uses hydrogen peroxide and UV light to remove the contaminant 1,4-dioxane from the drinking water supply. http://cms3.tucsonaz.gov/water/AOP It is a very involved process, but in a nutshell, what happens is that after going through cartridge filters, hydrogen peroxide is injected. Water then flows […]

BKW Farms – Organic Wheat

This is Ralph Wong of BKW Farms in Marana, Arizona. The family cotton farm established in 1942 now also grows organic wheat, the first crop of which they are ready to harvest. Thank you, Wong family! Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert. http://www.MarthaLochertPhotography.com

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

On Thursday I photographed the Avra Valley Solar Project dedication. This is a twenty-five megawatt solar photovoltaic facility about twenty miles west of Tucson, which will produce enough energy to power about 20,000 homes. NRG will sell this energy to Tucson Electric Power in a twenty-year purchase agreement, who will then pass this energy on to some of […]

Water Reliability in Tucson

Yesterday engineers, Tucson Water executives and Tucson dignitaries gathered to break ground for the new Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Facility. It will sit adjacent to the existing Tucson Water TARP facility on west Irvington Rd, just west of I-19. The plant will cost about $15 million and be operational by the fall of 2013. Malcolm Pirnie is in charge […]


Eatonville, Florida is touted as the  oldest incorporated African-American municipality in the United States of America. It’s boundaries, which are not much more than a few square mile, mark the hometown of the preeminent anthropologist, author, and folklorist  Zora Neale Hurston, who’s works are some of the most widely read in college campuses around the country. Her work, and that of other artists […]

Steel Mill – Steubenville, Ohio

                               At one time named the dirtiest city in America because of the horrible air quality from the Weirton Steel and Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Mills, Steubenville, Ohio’s air is now relatively clean, but only as a result of the mills closing and/or drastically cutting back production when steel manufacturing started being outsourced to China and […]