Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Turns Forty

We self-employed photographers are in very vulnerable professions.   Safety first, but this coronavirus is going to impact us in a big way. No “sick days” with pay – just instantly no jobs that can be invoiced, so no payments coming in for an undetermined period of time .   I hope I can still […]

Robert Frank Died at 94

The photography community and those who were inspired to make social change as a result of his 1959 book, The Americans mourn the passing of Robert Frank, who died on Monday, September 9, 2019, in Nova Scotia at the age of 94. I spent many days in the library at the Center for Creative Photography […]

Creative Use for Plastic Bottles

These women were in a 4th of July “Whatever Floats Your Boat” race across Sahuarita Lake in their creation made from all recyclable plastic bottles! They won 1st place in the AMATEUR category, but also 1st place in CROWD FAVORITE ūüôā Nice job, ladies! You had fun and brought joy to all who watched.

83 Years Ago – Construction Began in The Bay

Eighty-three years ago today (Jan. 5, 1933), construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge. Joseph Baermann¬†Strauss was appointed Chief Engineer for the Golden Gate Bridge project. His original bridge design was for a cantilever-suspension hybrid, but by the time it went into production, that design changed to the full-suspension bridge we all know. When the […]

I Miss Film

(Don’t worry, this isn’t yet another post on¬†the whole worn-out, tired debate over which one is technically better – film or¬†digital!)   I¬†miss the days of film. On this day, I needed to pull some old medium-format negatives to scan. The process of looking at each negative with a loupe on the light table we […]

This From The LEAST Risky Skin Cancer …

Wear your sunblock, kids … This is not the first time I have been cut into, and I’m sure it will not be that last, given that I am of Irish descent, but have lived my entire life in Arizona, where the duration of sunshine¬†(in the Sonoran Desert in which Tucson sits) is second only […]

Hashtag Happy

I love when my clients have fun. Despite planning, organizing and implementing the annual Torch Awards luncheon for ethics in business, the staff of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona still managed to have fun at the post-awards mixer last Thursday. That’s a good thing; it makes work enjoyable and business relations prosper when […]

Jane Lynch

About a week-and-a-half ago I photographed the annual Hillel Foundation fundraising concert on the campus of the University of Arizona. I have done this for at least the last¬†sixteen¬†years and it is always entertaining, even though I am working. This year Jane Lynch was the headliner and she was fantastic. She is such a performer […]

Zoran, the Great

This is Zoran Stilin, Croatian-born cellist and master Luthier (maker of stringed instruments) who lives in Tucson. He studied at the Music Academy of Zagreb in¬†Croatia, then in Switzerland before arriving in Tucson to study under Gordon Epperson and Peter Rejto at the University of Arizona. He plays in the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, chamber groups, […]

Saving a Family Treasure

The before and after photos on a restoration project I recently completed, which made an 85-year-old woman extremely happy in the wake of the only existing copy of her grandfather’s portrait falling off the wall. In addition to the frame and glass smashing, at some earlier time moisture got under the glass, sticking the photograph […]

Save the Boobs; Save the Lives

We’re nearing the end of breast cancer awareness month. Get those mammograms scheduled, ladies. And men, don’t forget that breast cancer is NOT just a women’s issue; men get breast cancer too. Locals, put March 22, 2015 on your calendars for Tucson’s next Susan G. Komen¬†Race for the Cure – raising money for breast cancer […]

Spray the Photographer!

A few days ago I photographed the award breakfast for the employees of El Rio Healthcare in Tucson. A¬†normal award breakfast photography job¬†would entail capturing candid photos of the attendees during the breakfast, followed by photos of the speakers on stage during the program, presenting plaques to the award recipients and few more candid¬†photographs at […]

CCP Next Conversation

  I was recently honored to photograph the attendees of The Next Conversation – a weekend of discussions at the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) on the campus of the University of Arizona. I spent five year (1981 – 1986) at the UA and many hours in the CCP, though at¬†its former¬†site, attaining my BFA […]

Animal-Related Service Day

My city of Tucson, Arizona was once home to the Guinness World Records Tallest Dog, a Great Dane named Giant George. Over the years I had the pleasure of photographing him on two occasions – the first time for general publicity purposes when his owner, Dave Nasser, was originally preparing his application with Guinness, and […]

Raising Money for Pediatric Cancer Research

Yesterday was ¬†the fifteenth annual Tee Up For Tots Golf Tournament, which raises money for pediatric cancer research at Steele Children’s Research Center and Diamond Children’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. Every year since the very first tournament, ¬†I have donated my photography services and my friend Dave Sitton has given his time as the master […]

BKW Farms – Organic Wheat

This is Ralph Wong of BKW Farms in Marana, Arizona. The family cotton farm established in 1942 now also grows organic wheat, the first crop of which they are ready to harvest. Thank you, Wong family! Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert.

Omega Man

This is Frank Natsis – owner and founder of Omega Cellars Vineyards in the Amador Valley of east central California. ¬†Frank¬†established his¬†family-owned¬†business¬†in 2002 after a forty-year career in the restaurant business. Frank is originally from Artimision, Greece, where his father, a farmer, instilled in him a strong work ethic and attention to detail, which he […]

Give Me Your Tin, Your Aluminum, Your Cardboard, Your P.E.T, Your HDPE …

Today marked the grand opening of the new 57,500 square foot, fully automated state-of-the-art RE Community Recycling facility on east Ajo Way in Tucson, Arizona. Rather than a ribbon cutting, Mayor Jonathan¬†Rothschild and dignitaries, pushed the “start” button to turn on the high-tech sorting machines in the facility. Eighty new green jobs for Tucson¬†exist¬†thanks to¬†this […]

Susan Kliewer

If you find yourself in the beautiful red-rock community of Sedona, Arizona, south of Flagstaff, take the time to find the Mountain Trails Galleries ( upstairs in Tlaquepaque. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch the award-winning sculptor Susan Kliewer¬†working on a clay sculpture that will eventually be cast in bronze […]

Golf – For the Love of Children

Yesterday was the 14th annual Tee Up For Tots (TUFT) golf tournament, which raises money for pediatric cancer research. Golfers on both the front and back nine of Omni¬†Tucson National Golf Resort spent the morning playing 18 holes, then coming in for a fantastic “19th hole” lunch party, at which time it was announced that […]

Keep Our Small Businesses Going

In February of 2010, Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation Ray LaHood came to Tucson to present us with a check for $63 million dollars in federal stimulus money to fund our downtown modern streetcar¬†project. On April 12, 2012 the Regional Transportation Authority broke ground on the 3.9 mile streetcar¬†line that will link […]

Bicycle Safety

My son is now almost 21, but when he was about ten he modelled (wearing the green helmet)¬†in this public service announcement for bicycle safety that the Tucson Police Department sponsored. I recently came across the image again and it reminded me that it’s that time of year when the year-round school districts are back […]

Flash-Flood Dangers

The monsoon is here and it reminds me of a photo I did for a public service announcement (PSA) six years ago. The piece was about flood water rescue and how important it is to stay out of washes during the monsoon, as it¬†is possible for ten-foot walls of water to appear out of nowhere […]

Water Reliability in Tucson

Yesterday engineers, Tucson Water executives and Tucson dignitaries gathered to break ground¬†for the new Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Facility. It will sit adjacent to the existing Tucson Water TARP facility on west Irvington Rd, just west of I-19. The plant will cost about¬†$15 million¬†and be¬†operational¬†by the fall of 2013. Malcolm Pirnie¬†is in charge […]