Autumn in New England

  This watercolor photo image is from a photograph I made in southern Massachusetts in October of 1988. I still remember the crispness of the air and the peacefulness of the calm waters of this meandering river as the light danced off the leaves of red and gold.   Image copyrighted. Reproduction, copying & file sharing prohibited.

Folklorico Dancer

Southern Arizona has a strong cultural influence by the Mexican American population. One of their traditions is Folklorico dancing, which draws from the Spanish Flaminco dance tradition, but has less emphasis on heel tapping and more of a relaxed earthy feel to it. Here is my 2005 interpretation of the colorful skirt of a dancer in action.

San Francisco Bay

Though I don’t get there often, San Francisco is one of my favorite places. I live in the Sonora Desert. The temperatures are upwards of 114 degrees in the summer and the landscape, though I love it, is an overall brown color. So a place like San Francisco with blue water, green vegetation and cooler […]