Jane Lynch

About a week-and-a-half ago I photographed the annual Hillel Foundation fundraising concert on the campus of the University of Arizona. I have done this for at least the last sixteen years and it is always entertaining, even though I am working. This year Jane Lynch was the headliner and she was fantastic. She is such a performer […]

The Incomparable Joan Rivers

Rude, crude and irreverent on stage, but gracious off-stage – that’s the incomparable Joan Rivers. At seventy-seven years old she still rocked the house with her wit and energy at last night’s performance in Tucson at the annual Hillel Foundation (www.Arizona.Hillel.org) benefit at Centennial Hall on the campus of the University of Arizona (www.Arizona.edu). Images copyrighted. Use […]

Comedian Richard Lewis

With forty years in the business sixty-two year old comedian Richard Lewis still has what it takes to entertain a crowd, as seen in this photo from a show at Centennial Hall in Tucson. He was this year’s performer at the annual Hillel Foundation (www.uahillel.org) fundraiser. If you see him, be ready to stay engaged as you try […]