Saving a Family Treasure

The before and after photos on a restoration project I recently completed, which made an 85-year-old woman extremely happy in the wake of the only existing copy of her grandfather’s portrait falling off the wall. In addition to the frame and glass smashing, at some earlier time moisture got under the glass, sticking the photograph […]

Brush Your Teeth…

Here’s a fun shot I recently did for Dr. Jeffrey Derickson’s dental office in Tucson. They had a great time during their photo session, especially when I told the “tooth fairy” to lie on two stools and pretend she was flying! A little Photoshop, some added fairy dust and poof, she’s in mid-air! They sent the picture out to all their […]

Railroad Tracks

  RAILROAD SONG By the late Jim Croce     When I was a boy in the days of the train I’d sit by the tracks on a long summer day And I’d wave to the brakesman and he’d wave back at me While the thunderclouds rolled out of East Tennessee   But the dreams of […]