83 Years Ago – Construction Began in The Bay

Eighty-three years ago today (Jan. 5, 1933), construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge. Joseph Baermann Strauss was appointed Chief Engineer for the Golden Gate Bridge project. His original bridge design was for a cantilever-suspension hybrid, but by the time it went into production, that design changed to the full-suspension bridge we all know. When the […]

Louis Dunn ~

Louis Dunn (www.louisdunn.com) is an artist, designer and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work appears in newspapers, magazines, posters, greeting cards, and on the web. He has been an award winning art director at a number of publications, most recently at The Los Angeles Times. This fantastic Renaissance man is also […]

Alligator Bread

I’m a bread lover: sourdough, rye, wheat, multi-grain, anything but doughy lifeless plain white bread – the heartier the better. I thank my mother for that. She never once packed my lunch box with a white bread sandwich. Unlike all the other kids at my elementary school in the late 60’s and early 70’s, my sandwiches […]