You Don’t Need To Hoard the Toilet Paper

I’ve had this box since December, but quite inadvertently, it got turned today and I discovered this oh-so-timely sentiment on the other side. I don’t know that I will ever understand the toilet paper shortage that has occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but don’t worry; my tissue knows it will be OK. […]

Hygiene 101 – Stop the Spread

When I was growing up, and even into her last years, my mother always said “wash your mitts!” I use that expression too. It’s a fun-loving way to tell someone to wash their hands without coming across too domineering. I am still saying ‘wash your mitts,” but it somehow seems too casual during this COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Turns Forty

We self-employed photographers are in very vulnerable professions.   Safety first, but this coronavirus is going to impact us in a big way. No “sick days” with pay – just instantly no jobs that can be invoiced, so no payments coming in for an undetermined period of time .   I hope I can still […]

Today’s BIG post…

This is George. He’s a Great Dane. George had a fun time and was very cooperative at his first studio photo session a few weeks ago. He is excited today because his person (Dave) is filing the paperwork for Guinness World Book of Records. George is a big boy. He stands 43″ tall from the floor to the […]

1958 Chevy…

    What can I say … it’s a classic. Though it would be considered a gas hog in today’s standards of fuel efficiency, there’s something to be said for the precision, pride and lack of “planned obsolescence”  in which cars from this era were made. Image copyrighted. Reproduction prohibited without proper licensing from Martha Lochert.  

Wild Child Katydid

Have you ever seen a baby Katydid? As a mature insect, their beautiful green color and shape is interesting and appealing, but as a nymph, they are downright fascinating. Their color scheme and pattern is striking and unique. I didn’t know what I was photographing when my macro lens caught this wildly colored itsy bitsy creature […]

Louis Dunn ~

Louis Dunn ( is an artist, designer and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work appears in newspapers, magazines, posters, greeting cards, and on the web. He has been an award winning art director at a number of publications, most recently at The Los Angeles Times. This fantastic Renaissance man is also […]

Live Jazz…

My father was a music educator for 42 years. He held a Masters Degree and 30 hours towards a PhD. in music education. He taught vocal music in the schools, ajudicated the All-State Choir Competitions, gave private piano instruction, directed church choirs & helped found the Tucson Junior Strings. We always had music in the house, whether […]

What we photographers will do…

Sometimes my job as photographer is very glamorous. I get dressed up and photograph black tie events with distinguished guests such as Henry Kissinger, Shimon Perez, President Bill Clinton, his Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. Maya Angelou, etcetera. Then there are the other photography sessions – the ones that are, shall we say,  a bit less glamorous. For those, […]

Alligator Bread

I’m a bread lover: sourdough, rye, wheat, multi-grain, anything but doughy lifeless plain white bread – the heartier the better. I thank my mother for that. She never once packed my lunch box with a white bread sandwich. Unlike all the other kids at my elementary school in the late 60’s and early 70’s, my sandwiches […]

Sacred Datura

SACRED DATURA is a night-blooming perennial plant which grows wild throughout Mexico and the southwestern portion of United States. It produces large white flowers and blooms through the summer on plants which can reach three feet tall, then generates thorny seed pods which open when fully ripe. It is also referred to as Jimson Weed, Indian Apple and […]