Louis Dunn ~

Cartoonist Louis Dunn on top of the San Francisco Art Institute

Louis Dunn (www.louisdunn.com) is an artist, designer and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work appears in newspapers, magazines, posters, greeting cards, and on the web. He has been an award winning art director at a number of publications, most recently at The Los Angeles Times.

This fantastic Renaissance man is also a top-notch cartoonist, cut paper artist and, back in the day, a fine art photographer of high enough caliber to have one-man shows in galleries. He can make a mean scone too! He is an inspiration and also happens to be my uncle, for which I am very proud.

When I was thirteen (in the mid 1970’s) he came for a visit and let me play with his 35mm camera for the weekend. I was immediately hooked. In the next four years as I took photo classes in school and investigated whether this was what I wanted to pursue professionally, Louis was very supportive, but even more importantly, honest about what my options were, which colleges had good art departments, what different parts of the industry were paying, and other practical matters which helped me immensely. To this day I’ve kept all those letters he wrote answering my many questions, partly because of the information that is held in their pages and partly because his handwriting is so artistic and unique. He could have his own font!

This photo was created on the roof of the San Francisco Art Institute, overlooking his city, which I think is quite apropos. I love this photo because it really is “Louis.” He’s a well-read, intelligent, deep thinker with an incredibly dry wit who comes up with the funniest things presented with only the tiniest hint of a smile. You’ve got to read the Irish twinkle in his eye to know that he is smiling inside!

Please visit his web site at www.louisdunn.com to view or to perhaps commission his work.


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