Easter Bonnets for your Easter Sunday

This image I created of some wildflowers seemed appropriate to post today, seeing as how they are called White Easter Bonnets. Have a wonderful day! Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert. http://www.MarthaLochertPhotography.com

Japanesque Desert

The dried flowers of a yucca silhouetted against the Tucson sky was the base for this Japanese-inspired art piece. Simplicity of form and the interplay of negative and positive space make this a satisfying image for me. Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert http://www.MarthaLochertPhotography.com

Happy New Year

It’s been a couple of rough years for most people as our economy toppled, but just as these little red jewels accent the gray days of winter, may your new year be punctuated with gems – of success, joy, satisfaction and contentment. Image registered with U.S. Office of Copyright. Reproduction or use prohibited without proper licensing from Martha Lochert.


Eatonville, Florida is touted as the  oldest incorporated African-American municipality in the United States of America. It’s boundaries, which are not much more than a few square mile, mark the hometown of the preeminent anthropologist, author, and folklorist  Zora Neale Hurston, who’s works are some of the most widely read in college campuses around the country. Her work, and that of other artists […]

Autumn in New England

  This watercolor photo image is from a photograph I made in southern Massachusetts in October of 1988. I still remember the crispness of the air and the peacefulness of the calm waters of this meandering river as the light danced off the leaves of red and gold.   Image copyrighted. Reproduction, copying & file sharing prohibited.

Excalibur Automobile

Saturday October 17, 2009 is the big day for the Rotary Club’s  Tucson Classics Car Show, which will be held on the lawn at St. Gregory College Preparatory school on north Craycroft Rd. in Tucson, Arizona. Money raised will benefit the Reading Seed Children’s Literacy Program. The event is from 10 AM to 5 PM […]

Folklorico Dancer

Southern Arizona has a strong cultural influence by the Mexican American population. One of their traditions is Folklorico dancing, which draws from the Spanish Flaminco dance tradition, but has less emphasis on heel tapping and more of a relaxed earthy feel to it. Here is my 2005 interpretation of the colorful skirt of a dancer in action.

Railroad Tracks

  RAILROAD SONG By the late Jim Croce     When I was a boy in the days of the train I’d sit by the tracks on a long summer day And I’d wave to the brakesman and he’d wave back at me While the thunderclouds rolled out of East Tennessee   But the dreams of […]

San Francisco Bay

Though I don’t get there often, San Francisco is one of my favorite places. I live in the Sonora Desert. The temperatures are upwards of 114 degrees in the summer and the landscape, though I love it, is an overall brown color. So a place like San Francisco with blue water, green vegetation and cooler […]

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

It’s the end of summer, which means the end of fresh cherries is in sight.  Not to worry, however. Here’s a recipe I found for cherry cobbler which uses frozen cherries, so you can make this any time of the year. This particular recipe is dairy free, so it’s perfect for everyone, including vegans like […]

1958 Chevy…

    What can I say … it’s a classic. Though it would be considered a gas hog in today’s standards of fuel efficiency, there’s something to be said for the precision, pride and lack of “planned obsolescence”  in which cars from this era were made. Image copyrighted. Reproduction prohibited without proper licensing from Martha Lochert. http://www.MarthaLochertPhotography.com  

Land of the Wind Turbines

Last week my son and I drove my daughter back to Los Angeles for another year of school at USC. Mid-way in our drive we went through a most surreal area near Palm Springs which is home to a sea of wind turbines. I’ve driven past this area numerous times, but I never get bored with […]