Beautiful Flowers are Sometimes Toxic

    A night-blooming Sacred Datura (Datura wrightii) trumpet flower starting to uncurl is a beautiful thing, but the plant is also a toxic hallucinogen. It’s in the nightshade family, along with tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant, but unlike those, is not edible. Sphinx and Hawk moths are common pollinators of the plant. To learn more about […]

The Tree Keeps Giving

Just south of Texas Canyon in Cochise County, Arizona stands this dead tree. It might be dead, but it is still a “giving tree.” Where once it gave shade, now it serves as a natural sculpture in the surrounding landscape for those who may happen to notice. Image copyrighted. Use requires licensing from Martha Lochert.

The Cattle Have a Church

This 200′ sandstone column is called Church Rock. It sits just off US Route 191 near Monticello in southeastern Utah. As the lore goes, in the 1930’s Maria Ogden and her Utopian community Home of Truth had plans to chisel out the entire center of this rock to create a church. They got as far […]

Crested Saguaro

Carnegia gigantea (Englem.) Brit & Rose forma cristata, better known as a crested saguaro is a rarity, occurring only once in every 250,000 saguaro. The cause of the mutation is not definitively known, with some biologists professing it is the result of a genetic mutation and others believing it is the result of either a lightning […]

Saving a Family Treasure

The before and after photos on a restoration project I recently completed, which made an 85-year-old woman extremely happy in the wake of the only existing copy of her grandfather’s portrait falling off the wall. In addition to the frame and glass smashing, at some earlier time moisture got under the glass, sticking the photograph […]

BKW Farms – Organic Wheat

This is Ralph Wong of BKW Farms in Marana, Arizona. The family cotton farm established in 1942 now also grows organic wheat, the first crop of which they are ready to harvest. Thank you, Wong family! Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert.

Good Friday

It’s Good Friday – the day to reflect upon Christ’s crucifixion. I have many friends who aren’t persons of any faith or that have differing interpretations of and beliefs in the Supreme Creator. Those who are wise have the full conviction of their faith without arrogance in claiming to have all the answers or the […]

Minimalist Landscape

Founded in 1882 after the Santa Fe railroad laid an 88-mile track between Benson and Nogales, the Santa Cruz Valley towns of Sonoita and Elgin have a rich history in cattle ranching. In the 1880’s as many as 3,000 head of cattle shipped to markets in the East each day. ( This land is still used for […]

The house needs a little work, but the views are fantastic …

I recently took a trip through the northeastern part of California, travelling back home through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was in awe of the beauty of this space. Snow-capped mountains sat majestically soaking up the mid-day sun, no tourists eyes gazing upon them except those of my travelling companion and me. We came upon this […]

Rillito River Walk

Spring is almost here and the weather in Tucson is delightful. Last evening my friend George and I took advantage of the perfect temperature and road our mountain bikes from her house to the bicycling/walking paths which flank the usually dry-as-a-bone Rillito  River. We’ve had an unusually wet winter; however, so the river is still flowing. Lots of people […]

Practice, Practice, Practice …

Every December I photograph the Ballet Arts kids who perform in the Nutcracker Ballet. Usually it’s early in the month, but this year I will be making their portraits the day after Christmas. I’m sure it thrills their families to have their children miss winter break and family gatherings  as they go to rehearsals ten […]

Sand Storm – White Sands, NM

My Uncle Clyde has passed away, so I don’t get over to New Mexico much anymore, but when he was alive we would make a trip to Las Cruces, New Mexico every July to visit him on his birthday. While we were there we would make a day trip to White Sands National Monument, which isn’t too […]

Walter Cronkite

Yesterday the world lost he who was considered the most trusted name in broadcast journalism: Walter Cronkite. Though serious journalism seems to be a thing of the past in the wake of today’s new “commentary” style delivery of the news, we who grew up in the era where news was broadcast without any personal opinion […]